10 Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs & Businesses

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After creating your site, next is to install and activate the best WordPress plugins. These plugins will take your online business to the next level.

As a newbie in the system, you’d wonder what the best WordPress plugins for blogs and business websites are.

WordPress has over 54,000 plugins that will help businesses at different levels expand the usability of their website.

To save you time, I’ve come up with a list of 10 best WordPress plugins for blogs and business websites, which will help you flourish online. Before diving into the list, learn how to start a blog if you don’t have one.

10 Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs and Business Websites

The list include:

1. MonsterInsights


Getting all the traffic stats of your site is very important. It allows you to know visitor’s stat like location, average session duration, page views, and bounce rate. MonsterInsights is the #1 Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

MonsterInsights, when activated, connects your site with Google Analytics to show visitor’s data on the dashboard of your WordPress. The stats from the analytics enables you to optimize your website for more visitors, subscribers, and revenue.

2. Rank Math SEO WordPress Plugin


An SEO plugin will help your website rank higher on the search engines. Therefore, you’ll have free targeted traffic from the search engines to your site – Rank Math does it better.

Rank Math is a 100% free WordPress plugin with advanced features than most of the popular premium SEO plugins. Rank Math allows you to optimize your on-site and on-page effectively.

I like this SEO plugin because it is not only easy to set up, it’s also very easy to optimize your post. With Rank Math, you can easily tap from the huge organic traffic within a few hours. Read the installation guide here

3. WPForms WordPress Plugin


Contact form is essential for every website because it makes it extremely easy for your visitors to contact you. WPForms is the most easy-to-use contact form plugin.

It’s a drag & drop form builder which allows you to create online forms with just a few clicks. The types include contact forms, payment forms, online order forms, email subscription forms, polls, surveys, etc.

It is interesting to know you can use WPForms to receive payments. It integrates with all leading payment and marketing platforms.

Incredibly, it comes with powerful options to create custom user registration and login page on your WordPress.

4. WP Rocket

WP Rocket

You need a WordPress caching plugin to improve your site’s performance and speed. WP Rocket is the ultimate caching plugin for WordPress websites, and it requires no technical setup.

After activation, it automatically turns on recommended cache settings like page cache, cache pre-loading and gzip compression. You can also switch on optional features like DNS pre-fetching, lazy loading images, minification, CDN support, and additional features to further accelerate page load times.

WP-Rocket is free; all it takes to work on your WordPress site is a simple ‘install and activate’ – nothing more.

5. Share Counts

Share Counts

If you want your blog posts to go viral, you can trust share counts for that. Amongst several WordPress social media plugin, share count stands out to be the best. It enables you to add custom social media sharing buttons on your site.

It also displays share counts of each social media, helping you add social proof to your website. The best part, it’s a free plugin with code quality and performance, which makes it beat many paid solutions.

Shared Counts is an easy to use solution for both beginners and developers.

6. Insert Headers and Footers

Insert Headers and Footers

Sometimes, you need to add code snippets to the header or footer of your WordPress website for verification or to insert ad re-targeting scripts.

You can easily add any code snippets to your WordPress site using the ‘Insert Headers and Footers’ plugin without editing your theme files.

7. No Self Pings

No Self Ping
Credit: ShoutMeLoud

Review about this plugin is rare on the internet. The first time I heard about No Self Pings is at ShoutMeLoud; then I went ahead to install it. Guess what?… it rocks! How?

When you link from one blog post to another, it sends a pingback for approval. No Self Pings is a simple plug & play plugin that doesn’t require additional configuration. It saves you from a lot of worries by blocking pingbacks.

8. WPS Hide Login

WPS Hide Login

WPS Hide Login is a must-have if you want to secure your WordPress website fully. By default, your login is yoursite.com/wp-admin, which hackers can prank upon to gain access to your site.

WPS Hide Login will safeguard your WordPress site by changing the URL of the login, preventing access to wp-admin and wp-login.php page.

It’ll allow you to customize the login from yoursite.com/wp-admin to yoursite.com/custom. Hence, it’ll be difficult for hackers to locate your login directory.

9. Nextiva


Need a business phone service for your website? Nextiva is the answer; it has excellent features and ease of use for any business. Nextiva offers a business phone number with advanced call routing, online faxing, voicemail to email or text, unlimited free domestic calling, and more.

The phone number allows you to receive calls directly on your mobile phone, which is superb. It also allows you to set business hours to avoid disturbances during non-work hours or holidays.

Also, they offer live chat, online survey, CRM, and other communication features. Nextiva allows you to manage all its features through the admin panel UI like a pro.

Two best alternatives of Nextiva are RingCentral and Business VoIP provider.

10. OneSignal Push Notification


For a new blog or business website, OneSignal is essential to increase users’ engagement. It sends targeted push notifications to your visitors, which keeps them from coming back.

It takes a single click on the WordPress dashboard to start using OneSignal. But for a proper configuration, you’ll need to visit OneSignal. Create a free account and follow the setup process here

After setup, OneSignal notifies subscribers about new or updated blog posts. Visitors get the notifications right on their cellphone (even after exiting your website), thereby driving re-engagement.

The plugin allows you to configure notification delivery at planned intervals, customize visitors’ subscription process, and create user segments.


While there are tons of plugin, your business type will determine if you’ll need any of these best WordPress plugins listed above. Often, it’s rare not to use at least one of them because they’re almost inevitable.

Navigate to the ‘Add new’ plugin on your WordPress dashboard, install the above-listed plugins to explore their potentials for your website.

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