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Top 6 Reasons Why Your Business Website Needs A Blog

Are you wondering if your business website needs a blog, even when you’re not in the blogging industry? That’s a reasonable thought, and to be candid, it’s not compulsory. But to succeed online, you must give blogging a view.

You probably ask yourself, “what should I blog about?” That’s simple; your blog posts must be around your business for the benefit of your customers. In this article, you’ll discover the top 6 reasons why your business website needs a blog.

Before diving into the list, have you visited corporate blogs like MicrosoftAppleOracleFacebookCoca-Cola, and others? Do you wonder why they run a blog despite their popularity and success? Knowing that thriving businesses run a blog should prompt you to start one immediately. Even if you have one, a time-to-time update is essential.

Here are the considerable reasons to start blogging on your business website now:

1. Increase Website Traffic

Without traffic, nothing works on your website! If you don’t want to rely on paid traffic, a website blog is an ultimate solution. It helps customers and prospects get the information they’re looking for, which engages them on your website. Even, with paid traffic, blog posts will keep your visitors around and make them come back.

Also, a well-optimized blog will bring people who haven’t heard about your business to your site through the search engines. Engagement on your blog posts increases visitors’ interest in your business, thereby growing your traffic.

2. Brings Higher ROI

You have spent money setting up your business, as well as your website. You need to get the money back in multiple folds (profits). A website blog that increases traffic will also improve a company’s ROI (Return on Investment).

Make sure each of your blog posts is unique, engaging, and end with a CTA (Call-To-Action). Also, ensure each post centers around how your industry can help consumers solve diverse problems.

3. Makes You an Authority in the Industry

Have you read a website’s blog post for the first time, and you feel like not leaving the site? It must have happened to a few people, if not many. A blog post that solves a reader’s problem will increase the trust rate of that business. With this, you’ll have a higher percentage of visitors who will come back to read more. And, in a short while, they’ll become paying customers.

Showing your visitors about how they can solve problems on their own or how your industry can offer solutions will be of great value. Therefore, you must be sure to post quality content as soon as possible. Besides, blogging on your site will also make you stand out from your competitors.

4. Increase Leads

Just like the famous saying, “money is in the list.” That’s true, but only an email with a live list will bring money. Engagement on your business blog will drastically increase your email list with active readers’ emails.

5. Builds Business Relationship

It’s easier to build a business relationship with customers and prospects through your blog. Your blog shows them how you can help them with your service, and with the comment box, you can seal the relationship. Give a friendly-response to every comment under your post, and they’ll be happy to be with you for a very long time.

6. Brand’s Exposure

A blog exposes your product or/and service to a wide range of people. A social media share button placed at the end of the post will do the magic. Once your content is unique and engaging, include a share button, and you’ll be surprised at how your blog post will go viral when your readers share it.


Waiting another one day to start your business blog is keeping your visitors outside of your website – start today! You don’t need to post every day, but when you do, post unique and engaging content that offers solutions.

Having a blog on your website is your number one method of attracting targeted traffic that will increase your ROI.

If you need help starting a blog, or you need a reputable content writer, contact me. I’ll write content that will help you gain more visibility, rank higher in the SERPs, and also help you make more money.

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