How To Start a Blog – The Ultimate Guide

how to start a blog

Starting a blog in this modern age is not limited to the experts in the blogging industry – you can too!

Smiles, right? Not funny though. The wealthiest bloggers today started off the ground somehow yesterday. Look at top blogs like Huffington PostTMZBusiness InsiderLinda IkejiMashable, and the rest, they had a time of little beginning.

The best part, you may not even know how to write blog posts to start, but I’ll reveal how you can start blogging now and make passive income in the next few years.

Note, the level of work you put into your blog will determine how soon you’ll begin to reap the fruits of your labor. Sometimes, it’s less than six months.

The followings are what you must do to start a blog and get it running in a few hours.

1. Choose a niche

You have at least one thing you love doing, that’s the key! This is something you want to do whether everyone likes it or not; whether it attracts payment or not – that’s what a niche is all about. A blog niche is blogging about a particular interest that appeals to a specialized section of the population.

Guess you’re already figuring out what niche you have a memorable voice. If it’s fashion, your audience is waiting for you online. Perhaps what you like is bead making, predicting matches, product reviews, juts name it, you’ll always have your readers.

Don’t start like me; I started in a niche that I don’t have a voice, thinking I could make money quickly, but I was wrong. Although, a year I spent in that niche didn’t go in vain because it exposes me to a lot about how to be successful blogging.

Write down your niche and move on to the next step.

2. Choose a domain name

A domain name is your website URL which looks like This is the address potential readers will type in their browser to land them on your blog site. So, think about something that speaks your niche without you telling your prospects what it’s all about.

For example, if you’re in the finance niche, you can choose something like or It means you’ll be teaching people how to save money using different strategies.

Now, head on to Name Checker to see if your domain name is available. Congrats if it’s available, but if not, twist it around until you get something that you want.

Buying a domain name usually cost around $12 – $14.95 in the first year, but I will show you how you can get a domain name for free.

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3. Purchase hosting account

A web hosting is a service provider that stores a website data on its server so it can be viewed over the internet.

For your blog site, you’ll be using (self-hosted account) which is currently the best CMS (content management system). It gives you the freedom of controlling what goes on at the backend and what happens in the frontend.

There are insanely cheap web hosting services that you can use from anywhere in the world. The problem is, to tap from them, you may be requested to purchase 2 or 3 years subscription which you may not be able to afford as a beginner. And, if you’d opt-in for their monthly subscription, it’s damn cost.

So, I have an unbelievable hosting package for you, which I’ve tested over time. A service that allows you to pay approximately $1 per month or $10 per year. Isn’t that awesome?

Big bonus: When you buy a hosting package, you’ll be given a free domain name with extension. So, whatever domain name you choose, make it or

But if you don’t want the extension, you can purchase one around $12.

Click on Qservers to visit their hosting sales page.

Now that you have a domain name and your hosting account set up, let’s dive into setting up your blog.

4. How to install WordPress (WP)

Step 1: You already got an email from Qservers hosting with the subject “Your Web Space Detail for” Locate your cPanel (Control Panel) login detail and go ahead to login.


Step 2: Scroll down to Softaculuous App Installer and click on the first blue icon: WordPress.


On the next page, click install and fill the required fields just like I did in the screenshot below. At the bottom of the page, hit install.

Install new

Step 3: After installation, you’ll see a link similar to, copy the link into your browser and press enter. It will take you to a login page where you’ll input your username and the password you generate during installation.

5. How to customize your blog

After logging in to your dashboard, the next thing is to customize your blog. One of the reasons for customizing your blog is to help you rank on SERPs (search engine result pages). Anyway, ranking on search engines is SEO and a topic for another day.

While you’re on your dashboard (backend), open another tab and type in your web address to see what your frontend looks like. Your default theme will determine the look, but I’ll advise you to change it to something better for a blogger.

From the left panel of your dashboard, go to Appearance > Themes > Add new. Type in “blog” in the search box and choose a theme that you like. These are free themes, and the one you select should be how you want your posts to be displayed.

wp theme search

Hover on the theme and click “install,” then “activate it” – refresh the frontend to see how it looks.

Next, head over to Settings > Permalinks and change the default setting to “Post name” and save settings. Permalinks show how your post links will appear on search engines.


On the left panel, go to “Posts” and delete the default post. Go to the trash on the same page and “delete it permanently.”

6. How to Create your first post

This is where the game begins, creating a post for your audience to read. After deleting the default post, click on “Add new” at the top of the page. Name your post and start typing the information you want to share. It’s as simple as that.

first blog

While saving your post, make it private under “Publish” until you finish setting up the post. If you’re not sure about your writing ability, I can help you create engaging content for your blog. Click Here to contact me.

Since you don’t need to post every day, start gradually and make use of this fantastic free tool to perfect your grammar.

Sounds interesting, right? Yes, it is. Besides, you don’t need to go through cPanel every time, log in through, then begin to post interesting stuff for your readers.

7. Promote your blog

Having a well-customized blog with great content isn’t just the starting point. Getting traffic (visitors) to your blog is where blogging becomes more interesting. You need to promote your blog in the beginning to generate organic traffic later.

To promote your blog, use your social media sites by sharing your posts with your friends. If interesting, they will come back to read more and also share the post with their friends. A single share can bring in more than a hundred or thousands of view.

For a new blog, read this post on how to get instant traffic to your blog. Facebook and Twitter are also two cool social platforms to start.

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8. Monetize your blog

Although you start-off blogging on interest, the good news is, you can make money from it. There are several ways to make money from a blog which include:

  • Sell Private Ads
  • Monetize with CPC or CPM Ads
  • Include Affiliate Links in Your Content
  • Create and Sell Digital Products
  • Sell Memberships, etc.

Once you’re able to set up everything accordingly, you have successfully established your presence online. Congrats.

In my next post about blogging, I’ll reveal tips that will make your blog stand out. Watch out!

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