Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing For Your Business

Gone are the days when businesses advertise their products solely on news media. Today, organizations are using the power of social media marketing to reach their customers and prospects.

In the twenty-first century, using social media to leverage your business requires a top consideration. It gives you a successful brand awareness for an increased customer base and increased revenue. Irrespective of the size of a business, its customers are already on social media.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is using social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic. This involves optimizing your profile, publishing great content like text, images, and videos to engage your followers, and listening and responding to what your audience is saying.

Any brand that is not interacting with prospects and clients through social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook is already missing out. So, leveraging these platforms will help expand your business and increase your revenue significantly.

Starting with all of these social media websites may not yield any results. So, it’s good to take it one at a time for the best result. Meanwhile, you have to figure out where to start from, for better engagement. That is, you must figure out the social platforms where your audience is and the best way to engage them.

This guide will help you improve your brand’s presence on social media marketing. What you must do include the following:

Start with a plan

Consider your business goals before creating a social media campaign. Not having a strategy before starting your campaign is wandering around without a direction which will result in wasted effort and time without reward.

Here are reasonable questions to ask yourself when defining your social media marketing goals.

  • What’s your aim with social media marketing?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • On what social platform(s) is your audience hanging out?
  • How do they use social media?
  • What message do you intend to send to your audience through social media marketing?

Your business should inform and drive traffic with social media marketing.

The above image is an example of a company practicing social media marketing on Instagram.

How To Meet Marketing Goals With Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can help you achieve the following goals:

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Increase website traffic
  • Build conversions
  • Improve communication and interaction with the target audience
  • Create a brand identity and positive brand association

With a large audience’s engagement on social media sites, the easier it’ll be for you to achieve your marketing goals.

Best Social Media Platforms for Marketing

It’s ideal to know which of the social media platforms are suitable for marketing and how to use them. The environment and user base determine the use of each platform. Also, each of these social media marketing platforms needs a different approach, so use a unique method as required by each platform. Here are a few of the social media marketing websites that are working presently.

Facebook for Social Media Marketing

Facebook platform is casual with a friendly environment. It requires an active and strategic social media marketing plan. To bring your business on board, start by creating a Facebook Business Fan Page. The visual component of your business page is essential for users’ experience, so, pay careful attention to it.

Note, Facebook is the biggest platform where people chat with friends and loved ones in their leisure hours. So, ensure you’re friendly and be ready to respond to customers and prospects. You can reach your audience by connecting with your Facebook friends, join similar business groups and page, and with time, you’ll be thriving on the platform.


Twitter for Social Media Marketing

Twitter is a social media marketing that revolves around dialogue and communication. So, ensure you’re often interacting to build and nurture your following. The social media platform allows you to publish your business updates on the web. Also, following tweeters in your industry and related fields will make you gain a bunch of followers in return.

The best way to have the quickest result on the social media site is to mix up your official tweets about news, discounts, and specials with fun, brand-building tweets. Likewise, it’s ideal to retweet whenever you have a positive comment from people.

Pinterest for Social Media Marketing

Pinterest, the image-sharing center known as a pin, is one of the fastest thriving social media marketing trends. The social media platform is ideal for retail, and it also has benefits for anyone using it for social media purposes.

Pinterest offers businesses the opportunity to showcase their products while developing their brand personality at the same time with eye-catching pinboards. The primary demographic on Pinterest is female, so be mindful of that when developing your marketing strategy on the platform.

YouTube for Social Media Marketing

YouTube is the number one video-sharing platform, and if you’re familiar with the content sharing site, it could be an incredible social media marketing tool.

Most businesses are leveraging the social media site by creating videos to promote their products or/and services, but the chances of being seen are slim. Instead, create instructive “how-to” videos that can solve a particular problem in the viewer’s life. That will help you rank pretty fast on Google’s video search result.

LinkedIn for Social Media Marketing

The importance of Linkedln can never be over-emphasized in social media marketing as it’s more professional. LinkedIn offers Groups for professional dialogue with people in your industry and also offers an avenue to share private content with like-minded individuals. Furthermore, it’s a website that allows you to network with the general employee and great for a job posting.

When you have a client, encourage such to recommend your business as it makes your business appear credible and trustworthy before prospects. Also, visiting the Question section of Linkedln, providing useful answers establishes you as a brand leader and helps you earn trust.

Instagram for Social Media Marketing

Instagram is a social media marketing tool with a feed of beautiful photos and videos which captures the attention of its users. The user-friendly app is full of inspiration, aspiration, and presently, it’s an in-app checkout.

Make sure you configure your business page correctly; switch from personal to a business account and fill with your business contact details.

Your business can succeed easily if you have the right amount of followers. To gain followers, follow users that follow or like similar accounts and most of them will follow back.

But, ensure you have some engaging posts on your page before you begin to attract followers.


Start your social media marketing with one of these platforms for faster results. When the result is forthcoming, you can move to another, and so on.

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