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4 Creative Ways To Make Money On Instagram

Instagram, the photo and video-sharing social media network service is owned by Facebook Inc. Back then, on October 6, 2010, the initial launch was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.

Instagram has become one of the leading social networking services in less than a decade, with over one billion users. Its growth exploded in August 2016 when Instagram Stories was launched.

As fast-growing as the platform is, some people still wonder how to take advantage of using the platform. While Instagram is useful for expanding the reach of your brand, cultivating a loyal audience, and building a community of like-minded people, you can also make money on Instagram!

Yes, you can make money on Instagram! However, it takes some effort than just uploading a couple of beautiful photos, thinking that money will float straight to your bank account. No, no, no,… it doesn’t work that way.

Instead of continuous posting of pretty photos and videos that make you go “wow” on the likes and comments, this article will show you the creative ways for making money on your Instagram account, starting from today!

While there are several ways to bank some cash from your Instagram account, here is a list of four money-making strategies you can start implementing today.

1. Sell Your Service or Product

Do you want to get started most comfortably? Good! Then, do you have a service to offer or a product for sale? This way, you can begin generating steady income on Instagram. You only need to upload the photos of your service and products to start selling online.

You can also make money on Instagram by designing and selling your products using the Teespring or Print Fulfilment company.

Follow the steps below to start with The Printful or Teespring

Start by signing up for any of the above services. You can start with The Printful because they have outstanding products, reasonable pricing, and supportive customer service.

Browse their products to decide which items you’d like to sell from their list of items. Their products include pillows, mug, tote bags, t-shirts, etc.

Locate and download each product’s design guidelines that will teach you how to structure each of your designs for the best results.

Create beautiful designs that your audience will appreciate and upload it to your Printful store. You can also upload it to other e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce or Shopify. To sell via other e-commerce websites, follow the step-by-step integration tutorials of The Printful.

Next, start promoting your products on your Instagram page. The Printful takes their cut when you make a sale, and the profit comes to you. At this point, The Printful creates and ships the product to the buyer.

2. Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer

To earn a commission from affiliate marketing, make sure you have a niche account on Instagram. It’ll be easier to make money if you build your following on a particular niche. Your niche may be lifestyle, sport, fashion, pets, etc. There are a bunch of affiliate programs online. Still, you can sign up with any one of the following: ClickBankOfferVaultShareASaleMaxBountyPeerflyTeespring, or any other affiliate program that you like and trust.

Follow the steps below to earn commission as an affiliate marketer

You can sign up with any affiliate program and promote any of its products that appeal to you. But, it’s good to promote products you know and love, so it’ll be easier to talk about it.

After signing up, wait for the approval. Once approved, browse photos of the items you’d like to sell. You may give “fashion and lifestyle” a shot because they have products that can provide you a stream of income very fast.

You’ll need to create a one-page store on your website to display a variety of different images of the products you’re promoting because you can’t link buyers directly from Instagram to your affiliate link. Ensure your call to action (CTA), and links from the images are all linking to the products’ purchase page – this is where you’ll use your affiliate link. In case you don’t have a site, sign up for a service like LikeToKnow where they handle the store aspect for you.

Edit your Instagram bio and add the link to your store on it. Encourage your audience to click your link.

Start promoting your products by posting curate images with a similar style. Ensure your feed is well organized when you try to sell a product.

Finally, write captions that your audience will like to respond to, then implore them to click your bio’s link to visit your store for amazing products.

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3. Make Money Through Shoutouts

Do you have an engaged audience? If yes, then it’s an opportunity for you to make some real cash. Promote other people’s accounts by selling your influence for cash. Shoutout allows the account you’re featuring to get clicks and follow to increase the account’s engagement.

Follow the steps below to make money from shoutouts

Add your contact information to your bio so people can reach you easily. Reveal your intention in your bio by letting them know that they can contact you for Shoutouts/Promos/Collabs/ Contact: Your possibility of being approached for a partnership will instantly increase.

Determine how much you want to charge for a single post on your feed. Bear in mind that your rates may vary, depending on the niche you are.

Accept negotiation in the beginning because if you charge too much, you may not get anyone willing to work with you. So, prepare to negotiate for an agreement that will make both of you happy.

4. Make Money from Sponsored Posts

To start making money from sponsored posts today, it depends on your number of followers and level of engagement. With more followers, you can engage a wider audience. So, pitch sponsored posts to bring a brand’s awareness to hundreds of thousands or millions of your followers.

Mind you; it’s essential to disclose that your post is a sponsored post. The disclosure is necessary because it is ethical and also has legal ramifications.

For instance, the Federal Trade Commission (FCT) in the United States issued 90-warning letters to influencers who don’t disclose endorsed content or discuss with the company.

FCT solution to influencers is to add a hashtag in the post like #sponsored, #paid, #ad, or #partnership to indicate the relationship.

Final Take

Now, you have the list – four different ways to start making money on Instagram immediately! To be candid, the methods above require some amount of work but, honestly, a bit of effort for a stream of income online. I know that making your first sale will make you super happy. So, take steps to implement one or some of my methods and start earning that money today!