Top 5 Ways to Write Better with Grammarly


Are you an aspiring or a certified content writer? If yes, how do you rate your grammar? Good, better, perfect, or excellent?

It’s one thing to write; having a well-structured content is another thing. The online content writing industry is broad, from article to press release. So, writing an excellent, error-free grammar is a must to stand out from the crowd.

No matter the level of your vocabulary in school, writing online is a different ball game. Once you’re on this field of play, consider refining your grammar for the International standard.

Many online tools can make you a better writer. Grammarly is exceptionally one, a unique writing tool that helps polish your grammar.

Whether you want to write online as a side hustle or offline as full-time work, think Grammarly. It’ll improve your writing and help you make more money.

In this Grammarly review, I’ll highlight why you need this tool. I’ll also show you exactly how it helped me retain a better-paying level on a content writing website.

Let’s have an in-depth look into Grammarly and why you need it as a writer.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is ranked #1, the best all-around tool for checking grammar online. It checks and suggests accurate corrections for grammatical errors like spelling, punctuation, and sentence formatting.

It consists of over 16 billion database and checks up to 150k words count at once (exceeds an average novel volume of about 60k words count).

Besides, it has an extension that makes it compatible with Windows, Chrome, Mac, Safari, Firefox, Outlook, MSWord, Google Docs, and more. Plus, a downloadable app for smartphone users which allows you to take Grammarly everywhere you go.

Moving forward, let’s see how Grammarly can help you as a writer.

Top 5 Ways to Write Better with Grammarly

1. Highlights mistakes you may never notice

While reading an article you wrote a couple of days back, you’ll always discover grammatical errors that make you say, “oh.” Grammarly bridges the gap, ultimately boosting your confidence instead of the “oh” when proof-reading.

To get started with this excellent tool, sign up for a free account. From the screenshot below, you can see that my Grammarly account is premium, more about why I upgrade later.

On the dashboard, click “New,” copy and paste, or upload your written document. Allow Grammarly to scan through; it takes around 5 – 10 seconds to complete. It highlights errors based on a 100% score for correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery. Thus, showing you the exact areas that need improvement in your content.

2. Helps you set goals

Grammarly helps you format your writing with tailored suggestions based on your goals and audience. Therefore, you can have customizable goals to choose the preferred audience, formality, tone, etc. Also, it helps you customize your field; academics, business, general, technical, casual, or creative writing.

Set Goals

3. Suggest corrections for highlighted errors

When a problem surfaces, next is a solution. With Grammarly, you’re not alone. It offers suggestions to replace every error in your content except for a wordy sentence, which it asks you to rewrite. Yet, it guides you on what to do to enhance the sentence.

Instead of spending hours researching a better way of restructuring your content, Grammarly, a one-stop solution for grammatical errors, do the fixing instantly.

4. Makes you a better writer

Using Grammarly for a couple of months will improve your grammar remarkably. You’d have learned how to avoid common mistakes which include:

  • Using short sentences instead of long, wordy sentences
  • Replacing passive voice with active voice
  • Avoid overuse of a particular word, and lots more.

5. Prevents you from committing plagiarism

Plagiarism is a severe offense in the content marketing world. To escape Google’s penalty, you must ensure your content is not appearing elsewhere on the internet before. This is what Grammarly plagiarism checker does, making sure your content is 100% unique.

But, the plagiarism check feature is available only in the premium plan. You’ll have to upgrade to a premium plan to take advantage of this feature – one good reason you’d want to check out the premium package.

Success Story: How I Retained My Writing Level With Grammarly

June 19, 2019, I got demoted on one content writing site. My writing level dropped from the third level to the second level. I wasn’t happy because it affects my earning seriously.

In my thought, I didn’t have any issues with clients over there because I usually get a 5-star rating on all completed articles. Their comments show that I write unique and engaging content, which kept me going.

Immediately after the demotion, I sent an email to the support, and I got a response as seen in the screenshot below.

To fast-track the recovery of my level, I upgraded to Grammarly premium.

Grammarly purchase

I contacted support again after writing 20+ articles, and guess what? I got another response, see the screenshot below.

Boooom…. I was super happy. That’s what to expect when you purchase the premium plan, 100% error-free grammar.

Grammarly Plans, Costs, and Payment Options



  • 86% out of 86% accuracy
  • Includes plagiarism support
  • Fast, friendly customer support
  • Choice of English language


  • Supports English language only
  • Premium plans offer all the features


Grammarly is shining across the content marketing world. It’s the #1 pick of 

 leading content writing agencies as well as top freelance writers’ choice. The free version is packed with a bunch of value, but with the premium version, you’ll stand taller than your contemporaries.

If you’ve not tried Grammarly, I strongly recommend it – you can’t lose what you’ve never had.

Register for free today and take your writing to the next level!

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