3 Proven Strategies For Instant Blog Traffic

Instant Blog Traffic

Finally, you’ve created a great-looking blog flooded with content. But, getting traffic to your content becomes another struggle. You’re not alone.

My experience helping clients grown their blog traffic in recent years exposes me to what new bloggers face when it comes to generating traffic to their blog.

When creating your blog or business website, you enabled “Website Under Construction” which is ethical, not knowing it’ll still cost you time, money and a lot of effort to get traffic to the same blog.

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The internet has a bunch of articles on how to promote any blog, which might have probably helped you in one way or the other. And, a lot of the solutions focus on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, post commenting with a link to your site, and the likes.

While I’m not disputing the effect of these strategies, in most cases, you must have a certain number of followers. Sometimes, belonging to a group or your social status will be the determinant. Giving in what it takes will guarantee success, but let’s look at a different path in this post.

How will you feel to start having traffic to your newly built blog within 24 – 72 hours, going from 0 – 10,000 pageviews in your first month of blogging? Not sure? I’ll show you in a moment.

Wait! Before You Start Driving Traffic To Your Blog

Briefly, a few things must be in place before bringing traffic to your blog. If not, your effort will be a waste. What you must do include:

1. Give your blog an eye-catching design

This is inevitable because it’s similar to your abode. The look of your home will reflect how long visitors will likely want to stay.

When your blog is beautifully designed, it’s one of the factors that will determine how long your visitors will possibly stay. When it’s captivating, they’ll navigate around after reading the post that brought them in the first place.

So, install a cool theme and ensure it’s properly designed. Do not exclude the about, contact, and privacy policy pages, they imbibe a trust level in your readers.

2. Publish more articles

Don’t publish one article on a new blog and start going after traffic. Have at least 8 – 10 articles first, although ideal SEO begins as soon as WordPress is installed. Related articles will do the pageviews magic; it shows your visitors there are more articles they can read. They end up navigating from one post to another. Eventually, they’ll have a reason to return to your blog for more in-depth articles.

3. Write captivating content

‘Content is king,’ I’m sure you’re not hearing this for the first time, and if you do, yes it is.

Avoid copy and paste, a good reason to blog in a niche with a memorable voice. From the introduction of your post, let your visitors see a tone of difference. This will set you apart, make them relax, and feel at home. Ensure your blog post doesn’t go off-topic; it’s a sign of deceit when it does.

4. Setup Your Newsletter

Don’t allow your traffic to come and go without any preparation to capture their emails. You may not understand the importance of captured emails now, but it’s going to be one of your selling points when your blog begins to grow.

That being said, let’s check out the surefire ways of getting traffic to your blog, especially when you don’t have social followers.

3 Proven Strategies To Bring Traffic To Your Blog

1. Blog Post Vote Up

Getting traffic to read your content within 72 hours doesn’t mean you won’t work, definitely not! You need to submit your blog posts to a few submission platforms for instant traffic.

There are many of them, but the one I’ve used over time is Blog Post Vote Up. This is a directory that allows you to submit one post link in 24 hours. The admin will review and accept it, and you’ll begin to have clicks to your site.

While the directory doesn’t request submission fee, they expect you to vote some of the posts already approved on the site. That’s a few clicks on your page, and you’re good to go.

2. Pinterest

In my opinion, Pinterest is the fastest way to drive traffic to a business website or blog. Although you need followers which can be acquired over time, before then, you can drive consistent traffic to your blog without a single follower.

Pinterest is an image (usually known as a pin) sharing search engine, posts are displayed as an infographic, and a click takes visitors to your site. Hence, you need to come up with beautifully designed pins that will attract readers to your blog.

To start, create an account on Pinterest, go to the settings page to configure your account. Then, you can begin to share pins on your page for same-day traffic.

3. Quora

Quora is known as a question and answer website, but you can drive a good amount of traffic to your blog if you understand how the platform works. Questions are asked on the multi-niche website, and experts from all fields of the world answer them.

Whatever niche you blog about, you’ll found topics in the related field. Popular topics have around 500k to over 15m followers.

Here’s the trick, join topics in your niche with good followers. Look for questions you can answer in that niche and contribute. Meanwhile, you should include a link to your website.

When answers are posted, Quora notifies all the followers of that same topic via email. If 1% of 5m followers of a topic lands on your site, you’d be having 50k traffic from one contribution. That’s guesswork anyway, it may be more or less, it depends.

If you put in the hard work, then you’ll get consistent traffic to your site.


It can be tough to get traffic to your new blog in the beginning. You may even decide to quit blogging because nobody is reading your posts. Don’t quit, “quitters never last,” “continuity is the key to congratulations”

With persistence, you’ll break out of ‘no traffic’ one day and forever. It only takes the beginning. Grab these proven traffic strategies, maximize them, and expect instant result.

Good luck! Share!!


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