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B2B content writer with a track record of SEO success?

Look no further!

I’m Adeolu, a B2B content writer specializing in SEO blog posts for
SaaS and marketing brands. I love to:

  • Craft content that ranks for competitive keywords.
  • Boost organic traffic, increase leads, and 10x conversions for my clients
  • Write for some of the playmakers in the industry.

Let me handle your

Content Marketing Needs

SEO Blog Posts

Optimized for both your target audience and Google's algorithms.

B2B Copywriting

Search intent-driven copy that drives conversions with recurring profits.

Long-form Content

In-depth blog posts with thought leadership points of view.



I’m Adeolu Adefarakan, your go-to writer for bang-up content. I’ll help engage your target audience, rank for specific keywords, and boost conversions.

When I’m not writing, I’ll either be on the other side designing a website for a client or in my small studio praising God with melodious music. On the whole, I’m someone you can trust with your content needs.

What do I bring to the table?

Sure, there are numerous writers out there. But when you choose to work with me, you have chosen a writer who can effectively:

  • Tell your brand story in a way that’ll satisfy the search intent of your target audience.
  • Write content that adheres to SEO best practices for higher visibility and long-term results.

Yet, you don’t have to compromise readability for search rankings.

Explore my portfolio to discover how I craft product-focused content that balances SEO effectiveness with reader engagement.

What my Clients Say About Me

"Adeolu's writing elevated our brand's voice and boosted our search rankings. His content consistently converts and always meets deadlines!"
Sarah T.
Creative director
"Impressed by Adeolu's writing prowess! Our search ranking metrics saw a significant uptick, and his content drove remarkable conversion rates."
John M.
Owner, HBM
"Adeolu's writing prowess is unparalleled! Our search rankings soared, and his content consistently drives high conversion rates while meeting tight deadlines."
James R.
IT Engineer

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