What Should Startups Look for in Customer Retention Software?

Customer Retention Software

As a startup, you want to reduce churn and keep your customers coming back to buy from you. In an attempt to add customer retention software to your tech stacks, you find the process to be a tough proposition because retention software tools differ in features.

Retention is crucial because repeat customers are easy to sell to, and they spend more than new customers. Even a mere 5% increase in retention can boost profit by as much as 95% — a height every startup must aim to attain.

The right customer retention software fosters customer relationships, increases loyalty, and boosts repeat purchases.

To assist you in your decision-making, I have outlined the most important factors to consider when choosing a customer retention software solution.

Explore them below.

Top 6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Customer Retention Software

The factors below will help you choose the best customer retention software that scales with your business:

1. Easy Installation and User-Friendly Interface

When you choose a software solution with complex or inaccurate documentation, the installation and setup process with the existing systems will be hard and can make your engineers feel frustrated.

But when you choose a software solution with one-click installation and an intuitive interface, you can automate tasks and streamline marketing resource management effortlessly.

In terms of design, simplicity and consistency is key. Your software should be aesthetically pleasing with elements (buttons and icons) that look the same throughout the software interface. This reduces confusion and promotes usability.

2. Collect Customer Data

Customer retention software is of no use when it can’t collect and manage customer data.

Ensure your customer retention software comes with tools for capturing customer data and tracking their behavior across multiple channels. With these functionalities, you can gain deep insights into customer pain points, preferences, and satisfaction.

3. Advanced Analytics

Customer Retention Software - Data analysis and reporting

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Data analytics is another big player when it comes to keeping your customers loyal and buying repeatedly. Through analytics, you can generate valuable data and insights into how your customers interact with your business when making decisions.

When you invest in customer retention management software with powerful analytics, you can:

  • Segment your customers based on their demographics, engagement level, purchase history, satisfaction, and loyalty to provide personalized solutions to each segment.
  • Generate customer insights to discover trends and patterns, and dive deeper into your customer needs, behavior, and references. These not only improve your services, products, and processes but also let you discover new possibilities, challenges, and solutions for your business.
  • Predict customer churn, which helps you identify factors impacting retention, such as customer service, product quality, price, and loyalty programs. You can then design and execute retention campaigns such as incentives, discounts, and rewards to retain your customers.
  • Enhance customer experience. When you get a picture of how your customers feel about your business and offers, it will help you improve your support channels, feedback, and communication.

4. Automated Communication

When communication is automated, retention is simplified. You need to build mutual relationships with your customers and keep them engaged with your brand through effective communication.

Ensure your customer retention software can send personalized emails, push notifications, and SMS messages as events and triggers demand.

For example, you can use a retention tool to automate reminder messages to customers who haven’t visited your website in a while. The messages can be configured to automatically deliver after a specific time.

You can also automate a “thank you” message to customers after every purchase and include a list of related items you think they might need.

When you send automated messages to your customers, you’re ensuring consistent and timely interactions with them, which can make them remain loyal for a very long time.

5. IT Support

IT support tools

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Software solutions are prone to stop working or run into errors at any time, which is normal. The most annoying thing is for the developers not to provide support at the right time.

To succeed with customer retention, the IT support of your ideal software must be available and ready to proffer solutions to problems around the clock.

6. Deep Integration

Think of integration as a vehicle engine with different parts. The proper connection between those parts makes the vehicle run smoothly.

Your ideal customer retention software must have the capability to connect seamlessly with existing applications and those you’ll need for your business in the future.

With software integration, you can:

  • Boost efficiency: Smooth interaction of your applications lets you exchange and share data faster, resulting in increased efficiency. It also helps you prevent potential errors during manual business processing.
  • Scale your business: As time goes on, you’ll need more applications to run your business. A flexible connection of new applications to existing systems lets you scale your business with ease.
  • Access data in real-time: Beyond transferring and sharing data between applications, software integration helps your teams access customer information in real-time

Tips for Choosing the Best Customer Retention Software

While you know the features to look for in customer retention management software, identifying which tool has these features (such as user-friendly interfaces and powerful analytics) can be difficult.

The two strategies below will help you discover the best retention software:

1. Read user reviews on software review platforms

The best way to identify robust customer retention software is by going to software review websites. Top on the list are Capterra, G2, Software Advice, TrustRadius, GetApp, Crozdesk, SourceForge, Gartner, Trustpilot, and CrowdReviews.

For instance, if you’re considering XYZ as your customer retention software, research the keyword phrase “XYZ reviews” in Google.

Note: I replaced XYZ with NotifyVisitors to get results tailored to retention software.

Customer retention software - NotifyVisitors reviews

Source: Google

From the image above, the first three results came from GetApp and Capterra, with most of the results on the results page being 4.9 ratings — the first pointer to a reliable software.

Proceed to any of the review sites to read what users “like” and “dislike” about the software, including features like:

  • User interface
  • Flexibility
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Integration with other applications
  • Customer communication
  • Customer support and more

With this information, you can decide whether to choose the software or not.

2. Take advantage of free trials

Free trials can be a great way to explore a tool and its features. While some software companies offer free accounts with limited features, others allow users to request a demo or explore their premium features via a free trial plan (as seen on NotifyVisitors).

Customer retention software - NotifyVisitors free trial

Source: NotifyVisitors

During the free trial period, you have the opportunity to check out the tool’s interface, customer support, integration, etc., to decide whether it’s the right software for your business or not.

Choose Your Customer Retention Software Wisely

You should consider the factors enumerated in this blog post when you’re on the lookout for customer retention software. When your software has these features, customers will remain loyal to your brand. If you implement the tips highlighted too, you’ll have the best retention tool ever.